How To Get Rid Of Interest Money In Islam

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Supporters of charging interest say that lenders need interest as a reward for taking the risk of renting out their money as they might not get it back. As far as i studied some well established reference and discussed with some scholars yes they are hanafi i ll update my answer asap i get hold onto related on line reference if you have no other feasible safe way to store your money in a interest based bank you should take out the riba amount asap to separate it from your halal money.

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How do i get rid of haram money.

How to get rid of interest money in islam. For the unlawful interest money that one has accumulated in ones past in ignorance of allahs laws the person has two choices. My answer to your question is get rid of that riba you have now by paying it with the one that you. Ask allah most high to facilitate your affairs and seek the counsel of local godfearing scholars.

If usury interest is accumulated then it will be disposed of by giving it to the poor in charity without any intention or hope of reward. To seek good or reward when one gets rid of this money would be a serious sin in itself the fuqaha tell us. Otherwise they would keep it to themselves.

Or one may take it and dispose it. And allah alone knows best. If the bank insists on your taking this haraam interest then you should take it and you have to get rid of it by giving it to charity.

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One may either give this money to those deserving of zakat the poor and needy or to charities. Was this answer helpful. One may leave it in the bank.

However you should take the reasonable means to free yourself from the interest bearing account. And allaah knows best. But most lending happens through financial institutions like banks not directly between people and we tend to put our money in banks for convenience.

It is not permissible for you to keep it or benefit from it in any way. I know this money is haram. Checked approved by shaykh faraz rabbani.

From where i received 500000 tk interest. Thank you for your question. There is a report that indicates abū bakr may allāh be pleased with him made a two way bet prior to the prohibition of gambling with a disbeliever.

The largest place to learn and discuss about the teachings of islam the holy prophet muhammad the salat quran ramadan hajj and various islamic lifestyle issues. If there is a person who deals in riba interest usury then repents and wants to get rid of the money he gained from riba it is permissible for him to give it to the poor in order to get rid of it.

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