How Long To Get A Black Belt In Kyokushin Karate

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Gold coast aikikai s faq gives a slightly different answer. The number of rounds required may increase or decrease after shodan again depending on the region.

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The student s frequency of training.

How long to get a black belt in kyokushin karate. According to jikishinkan aikido dojo s faq it takes most people four to five years to attain first degree black belt provided they train several times each week. For a style that requires real work it is a minimum of five years to get a black belt and that is if you train consistently and know the material. Answered october 17 2019 author has 266 answers and 122 1k answer views.

How quickly a student grades largely depends on three factors. 1st dan is considered the beginning with dan grades going up to 10th dan with the 10th usually reserved for the founder of the system or the head of an organization. 40 rounds of hard contact sparring is required as part of a grading or as part of a special training requirement is no easy feat and involves non stop fighting of one and a half hours or more.

Dan refers to a grade above black belt and works the opposite to kyu grades. For example a 6th dan would be 6 grades past black belt. Go kan ryu karate requires a minimum of 18 weeks of study to achieve an orange belt another 38 months to become a black belt student plus a further 12 months to take the first degree black belt.

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The belt path in kyokushin is not a short one. In my opinion it s the best karate i heard the grandmaster had to fight 300 black belts for 2 minutes each one after each other to get the title of grandmaster and only one man ever did it which is bad. In such a style it depends to a large extent on the student and how much time he or she puts into it.

As a black belt there will be years between grades. Early on you may grade more frequently perhaps every few months but as you move up the ranks it will take 6 12 months on each grade. Grading requirements for shodan 1st dan black belt having reached your shodan ho the minimum requirement to attempt shodan is 12 months.

Some take over 6 years to get their black belt whereas others get in in 3 years. Also depends on whether or not you have any prior experience with full contact martial arts. One would expect to train twice to three times a week for at least 5 years before achieving the rank of 1st dan or black belt.

Hard to say as it depends on how hard and often you train. The one thing that usually defined the kyokushin black belt was the spirit strength and courage of the kumite. If you don t know don t answer thanks everyone.

If known what was the fasts progression ever achieved to black belt and also the longest. Five to six years on average when training 4 to 6 times each week.

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