How To Get Rid Of Scratches On Laptop Screen

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You just have to rub the paste yes this is a paste too onto the scratched surface and the paste will fill the scratch thus removing covering most of it. Another product you can use for a light scratch is rubbing alcohol.

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A very light scratch on your computer screen can be removed with a pencil eraser and by rubbing lightly.

How to get rid of scratches on laptop screen. Remove light scratches by gently polishing with toothpaste using circular motions with a cloth. Then list product will be perfect. Remove some petroleum jelly from the container using.

Pour baking soda into a bowl and coat the lemon slices with the soda. How to remove deep scratches on a computer screen using the microfiber cloth gently wipe the computer screen until it is clean. First clean the screen with a soft brush and cleaning cloth.

Since you want to know how to fix scratches on macbook pro and other aluminum laptops. Rub the slices against the scratches in a back and forth motion pressing slightly to release some of the lemon juice. You do not want to add more scratches by rubbing dirt on it.

Rub the polish into the scratch on the laptop lid until the lid has absorbed all the polish that remains on the cloth. Add a small amount on a cotton ball and rub the scratch gently until it fades away. Apply plastic polish to a clean soft cloth not directly to the laptop lid by pouring it on the cloth.

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Getting rid of scratches on your laptop is easy with a few household items. Wipe all dried plastic polish off your laptop s lid with a clean cloth and inspect the lid to ensure the scratches are gone. Tackle heavier scratches with lemon slices and baking soda.

Secondly you need to get an abrasive toothpaste the ones that feel like very fine sandpaper.

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