How To Get The Fatman In Fallout New Vegas

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Just go into the cave. Go through the house to the fight with the super mutants right b4 u face the giant super mutant.

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Development began in february 2076 with the goal being the development of a man portable tactical nuclear launcher easy.

How to get the fatman in fallout new vegas. On this map you can select weapons big guns and you will see 3 markers on the map one of them is the location for the fat man quarry. Esther is a unique weapon in the fallout. 1 characteristics 1 1 durability 2 variants 2 1 comparison 3 location 4 notes 5 bugs 6 sounds 7 gallery esther is a unique heavily modified fat man with a different rear mechanism a blast shield a light blue body and a thick clear glass or plastic bed holding the mini nukes.

The fat man is a weapon in fallout. You can find fat men in the following locations source. 1 characteristics 1 1 durability 1 2 modifications 2 variants 2 1 comparison 3 locations 4 notes 5 behind the scenes 6 bugs 7 sounds 8 gallery the fat man is a shoulder mounted tactical nuclear catapult.

The weapon can be used outside of v a t. As you make your way to gnr radio station you will go through a demolished building. It is 10 pounds heavier than a.

1 background 2 characteristics 2 1 modifications 3 variants 3 1 comparison 4 locations 5 notes 6 behind the scenes 7 bugs 8 gallery 9 sounds 10 references the m42 fat man was developed at fort strong near boston massachusetts. Quarry junction lying near the edge of a radioactive pool to the west of the quarry. Verified v d e weapon mods in fallout.

Stand on the body and look just 2 the left of the giant. Kill it and go loot the soldier with a specific name right before and 2 the right of the giant mutant. It is heavy especially in hardcore mode when combined with its mini nuke ammunition but very powerful.

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Once you get there the body that has the fatman on it wont be there. The fat man is a weapon in fallout. Cottonwood crater on the body of a dead prospector.

Without using the console they can only be accessed by using third person view right up against the wall directly behind the cashier and slightly to the right of the column. In order to get the benefit of the reduced weight the modified fat man must leave your inventory and then be re added. I accidently found this route to get the fatman.

One for you one for human companions and one for animal robot companions. Since this is not done automatically by the game you ll need to drop it give it to a companion or place it in a container then take it back. The weapons get put into 3 safes hidden behind a wall just outside of the map.

After you follow the soldiers in the power armor. Just keep pressing against the wall and you ll make it. New vegas add on gun runners arsenal.

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