How To Get Rid Of Gritty Teeth After Eating Spinach

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Yes oxalic acid is water soluble so blanching versus other methods of cooking removes more of the chemical responsible. Kidney stones and spinach.

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When you want to reheat it heat some butter in a shallow pan then add the spinach and warm it.

How to get rid of gritty teeth after eating spinach. Another theory is to add lemon juice or acid. I get a very minimal fuzzy crystallization feeling on my teeth this way so i just stick with this method. Others say to cook or blanch the spinach while some say to not cook the spinach at all and just eat it raw.

It s a natural process that happens when you eat foods high in oxalic acid and you can get rid of the sensation with a quick mouthwash. I ve tried boiling in soup broth and frying in a pan my two favourite ways to have spinach but still get the chalky texture on my teeth. What can i do to get rid of that feeling on the teeth.

Raw spinach is fine but i like to cook spinach. Or they can squeeze some lemon juice on top of fresh spinach as the ascorbic acid vitamin c in lemon juice will help to dissolve the oxalic acid he said. Of course you also lose more nutrients with blanching so it is a trade off.

Let it soften in the steamy heat then remove it once it has wilted and run it under cold water. I ve read that this weird gritty texture on the teeth is caused by oxalic acid. My usual method for eating spinach now is by smoothie because it all gets blended up and i can t taste it at all.

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Treatment for chalky teeth if you only get chalky teeth after eating certain foods there s no cause for alarm. You re still ingesting the oxalic acid. I always notice the crystals when i eat a raw spinach salad or eat it wilted.

After the fact maybe try brushing with some baking soda and rinse very well. Jennifer moltoni administrative coordinator at the department of oral medicine infection and immunity at the harvard school of dental medicine told chowhound that when you chew spinach the calcium in your saliva combines with the oxalic acid and then calcium oxalate crystals are created. Cook or blanch the spinach.

It is important to keep in mind that the oxalic acid content in spinach depends on how it is prepared be it cooking frying or just simply boiling the spinach. For raw and cooked spinach squeeze some lemon juice over the top to help dissolve the acid and reduce oxalic acid from coating your teeth.

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