How To Get Rid Of Water Damage On A Book

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Place paper towels or aluminum foil if cover dyes are bleeding between the textblock the covers. Mold and mildew can start to grow in as little as two hours after water has penetrated the textblock.

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Some of the ways a book will show signs of water damage are.

How to get rid of water damage on a book. Forget the hair dryer. Pages stick together the cover or pages are warped the pages are discolored the book has an odor to it or you can see mold growth. Change paper beneath the books paper towels as they become saturated.

Start by laying down a couple paper towels placing the book on top then placing some more paper towels over the cover. If the book is only damp you can shake it from side to side. Having a flood or water damage in your home can be a disaster.

Immediately dry the book to the wet stage. Stand the soaked book on end head or tail allow water to drain. If you have several water damaged books that you are looking to save your freezer may be your best friend.

Unfortunately this can include your collection of books and papers. Keep air circulating by using fans. When a book has been damaged by water many people might think that it is completely unsalvageable.

But this will only cause static problems so let it air dry for forty eight hours in a warm dry area. Replace the absorbent fabric each time it becomes soaked through. Doing this will only spread the water around and it may get to the delicate parts and cause corrosion or damage.

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Press on the book gently to remove any excess water on the outside. If the book is entirely waterlogged remove water by placing the book on its head atop an absorbent sheet of paper or a towel. Not only can it ruin your floors and walls it can also cause damage to anything that happens to be in its path.

The little devil on your shoulder may be whispering to you to get a hair dryer and hasten the drying process. Allow the water to drain and drip.

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