How To Get Rid Of Fruit Bats From Trees

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Bats can be one of the hardest wildlife pests to get rid of. We live about 5km from their colony and lately they seem to have decided some of our trees are great for a rest break and comfort stop on the way to the feeding grounds.

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Poke around under the tree or shrub for telltale little balls of fruit pulp and squirty droppings.

How to get rid of fruit bats from trees. These objects can be a strip of aluminum foil cds that shine in sunlight wind chimes or wind socks. The old hanging cd s is a good one that works as well or anything that is shiny we have a couple of small disco balls hanging in one of the fruit trees and it works the best one i have seen is an old bloke next door to my sister he has a stuffed cat which he sits between his mango trees and it works very well. Lizzle on 07 01 2018 19 55 hey ozbargainers this year we ve seen the highest yield ever from our mango tree yet but mum s been picking most of the mangoes very early when they re still 70 green because as soon as they ripen any more than that the bats get to them.

The other way to get rid of these fruit bats is that you can place some strange and unusual looking objects near your garden. Tips for deterring fruit bats from mango tree. Besides the fact they can carry fatal diseases.

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This is why hiring an expert could be your best option. Bats favor dark quiet hideouts and have an aversion to lots of light and commotion. For example the vampire bats feed on blood.

However bats living close to people may move into houses causing a variety of issues. These are all unique indicators of bat plundering. Since the animals eat pest insects like mosquitoes having trees full of bats does have its benefits.

Most bats are insectivores insect eaters or frugivores fruit eaters. And they give you a heck of a fright if you disturb them in the dark and they take off from just above your head. Bats can t stand the smell of cinnamon and get repelled by it naturally.

You can use objects that continuously move and make annoying noise to irritate these fruit birds. The most effective way to rid your crops of fruit bats or flying foxes is to make it impossible for the animals to access them. Respray it as soon as the smell fades away.

Removing the bats 1 create a disturbance to drive the bats away. Pick fruits a day or two early before they mature completely. While they most commonly invade attics a bat colony can easily make their way inside your insulation vents and crawl spaces slowly destroying your walls and foundation.

Problems caused by bats in trees. Make a solution by mixing the cinnamon powder with water and spray it near them. Cinnamon is a great bat repellent and is completely safe to use.

These pests leave large amounts of guano under their roosts and spread diseases including rabies and histoplasmosis. Most microbats tend to be nocturnal and are using a complex system of sound vibrations called echolocation which allows them to determine distance speed and even identification. Their excreta etches the paint off the car.

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A few species feed on animals other than insects.

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