How To Get Curry Smell Out Of Clothes Without Washing

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Simply make a paste of baking soda plus water. Finish by washing with soap and water as usual.

15 Brilliant Ways To Remove Odor From Clothes Without Washing

While in the shower rub a piece of lemon or lime over the skin that most likely has deposits of vapors from cooking such as hands face and arms.

How to get curry smell out of clothes without washing. Add half a cup of baking soda to the cup close and shake together. The acidity in lime will help to break down the essential oils that cause the lingering curry smell. Take a bucket filled with warm water and add cup of vinegar into it and add your garments into it.

The easiest ingredient that you can use to remove the odor is vinegar because it is a great deodorizer. Our washing machine broke down the other week when i tried to wash my white clothes on the day of my flight to a wedding when the machine broke i had to move the wet clothing to a tub. Smell your clothing after the wash cycle.

Rub the spots that you want to remove the odor. A week later when i got back there was a really stinky smell left on my white clothes and there are even yellow spots starting to appear. Leave the bag for 10 minutes and then get your clothes.

Even when i wash my clothes i can still smell curry on them. If the curry smell is still strong wash the clothing again and add either vinegar or baking soda to the rinse cycle. I don t know what to do.

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Turn the smelly cloth inside out and apply the paste onto the smelly parts of the cloth. Step 3 air dry your clothing in the sun. Shake off the baking soda.

Alternatively you can put the clothing into a plastic bag. Letting them blow in a light breeze also promotes the natural flow of air through the fabric. Take some cotton and moisten it with a little alcohol.

I don t have my own washer and drier and i only have time to wash my clothes once or twice a week. Now go bonkers over shopping. Hang the cloth to air dry.

The vodka dries odorless kills bacteria and helps remove smells. Use cotton and alcohol another easy way to remove a perfume or fragrance from your clothes without having to wash it is with cotton and alcohol. Well this is how it works.

Sunlight is one of the ideal ways to combat musty smell and other odors caused by mildew. Vinegar will easily remove the odor of your new clothes making them smell fresh. In wardrobe we get a giant bottle of cheap high proof vodka then mix it in a spray bottle with water.

I work at a hotel in the front desk. Spray it on the clothing like febreeze but more on the inside of the jacket where there isn t any paint. One of the simplest ways to eliminate odors in clothes without using a washing machine is to let them air dry outside.

Because i work there almost every day the curry smell has clung to my clothes. My managers live on the property and like to cook indian food. The ratio should be about 60 70 vodka.

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