How To Get Cats Acclimated To A New House

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Now create a safe haven for the cat to hide in. Allow them to acclimate to their new surroundings on their own terms.

How To Acclimate Your Pet In His New Home

The best way to let the cat get used to the house is to leave it alone as much as possible.

How to get cats acclimated to a new house. The best way to make your cat comfortable enough to come out of hiding is to give it time to adjust to its new surroundings. This will give them the opportunity to feel safe within a confined space. Most will adapt over time.

Make food water and litter available and let the cat be. It is best to introduce your cat to their new home gradually so begin by restricting them to one room. Leave it sitting out with the door open and a comfy bed inside.

If you ve ever moved with cats and introduced them to a new household you ll know that the best thing to do is introduce kitties to one or two rooms at a time. Most cats take a couple of weeks to acclimate but it might take a month or two. Before letting your cat out of the carrier make sure the cat s food water dishes litter box and bed are all situated.

Allow your cat time to get used to his carrier. Place the litter box bed scratching post food and water in the room with your cat. The first day introduce your cat to his new home gradually restricting him to one room at first.

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Choose a room for the litter box. If possible start by preparing your home before you bring in the cat. Pick a dedicated cat introduction room at the new house that will remain relatively calm and quiet.

Allow the resident cat to walk into the newcomer s base camp then shut that door. You want to set up a comfy cozy safe place so make sure to have a few of your cat s favorite things in the. Some cats especially those with trauma make take longer.

Isolate other animals from your new cat during this time. Allow the newcomer to explore the rest of the home. Supervise children advising them to always be gentle with the cat.

A bathroom works well. We will need to encourage the cat when adjusting to a new owner or home but they should feel comfortable easily enough. Provide a bowl of water but don t feed them immediately and try not to overwhelm the cat with attention.

During this time try not to force the cat to come out of its hiding spot. Don t try to force a cat to tour a new house or make the cat move around the house faster than you want. In general for a happy and healthy cat it should take no longer than a week or a week and a half to get used to a new home.

Occasionally leave a couple of cat treats in it so your cat can find them on his own. Set up the litter box with one to two inches of litter and place it in a corner if possible. Give your cat time to get used to its new home.

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