How To Get Rid Of A Mucky Lake Bottom

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It is the simplest safest quickest most effective way to handle. A balanced pond you will be able to see the bottom in about 18 inches of water.

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Like cutters you toss them from a dock and as you pull them in their.

How to get rid of a mucky lake bottom. Muckmat pro is the only lake muck control product that lets you walk over muck without sinking. Lake rakes with their 10 15 ft handles and up to 50 feet of rope are perfect for this job. Also it will re suspend the sediment to encourage bacterial breakdown.

Agitating the lake bottom with a rake will reintroduce oxygen to the muck. When oxygen is depleted in a water body anaerobic bacteria partially break down the sediment. I make these products for removing muck and weeds from lakes ponds and streams.

Muddy water can be due either 1 to animals or shoreline erosion stirring. The best way to get rid of muck on a pond s bottom you gather your family together for a family afternoon at the pond only to discover it s full of slime and it. Learn more about the lake groomer.

The lake groomer can maintain up to 84 diameter area from one location by rolling along the lake bottom keeping it free of aquatic plants and sediment. In the process they expel hydrogen sulfide.

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