How To Get Out Of Duct Tape On Wrists

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Unfortunately it wasn t so easy. You can buy a multi pack of it online for a little more than 10 and it doesn t put you anywhere near a watch list however if you find yourself wrapped up in it you can get out.

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Although duct tape is incredibly adhesive it is still vulnerable to tears and breaks.

How to get out of duct tape on wrists. Break the tape in front of you. There aren t any locks to pick and it would take a superhuman amount of force to snap the tough strands. This will be called wrists together.

Next rotate your wrists so your right hand turns a quarter turn clockwise your left hand turns a quarter turn counterclockwise and your wrists touch. After watching some videos on youtube this cowboy tries to show how easy it is to get out of duct tape handcuffs. Duct tape has two weaknesses movement and moisture.

Myth busters taught us that duct tape can do anything. The good news is that moisture happens all on its own. If your hands are bound in front of you raise them above your head and then bring them down quickly against your abdomen pulling your elbows apart at the same time.

The class presented several examples of people restrained by nothing more than duct tape. Hopefully nobody would ever be in this situation but it s good to know. Now touch your wrists together.

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Applying these will get you out of 99 of duct tape restraints. Unfortunately for them they didn t have ed as a teacher. A quick and easy way to break free from duct tape restraints.

You basically hold your hands together up high and swing down as quick as you can and swipe them to each side of your body. Just in case simply raise your arms over your head as far as you can in a swift movement swing your arms. The ultimate survival tip.

This will be called wrists together horizontal this position is the easiest to escape from by slipping out.

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