How Long Does It Take To Get To Planet Saturn

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Voyager 1 took three years and two months voyager 2 took. 3 yrs and 2 months were required for a spacecraft to reach saturn.

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At its closest saturn is 1 2 billion kilometers away from earth.

How long does it take to get to planet saturn. Example a spacecraft is travelling at speed of 7 km sec so it would take 242857142 857 seconds or 7 7 yrs approx to reach saturn. Travel time to jupiter takes around 6 years and we ve done it the hard way using the earth s gravity to slingshot the galileo probe twice to make the trip. The distance from earth to saturn is 1 2 billion km.

And time taken is depended on the speed of the spacecraft. Check out how long a year is on each planet below. Set your timers for 10 hours 33 minutes and 38 seconds scientists have finally figured out how long a day lasts on saturn cracking a lingering mystery about the ringed gas giant.

The closer a planet travels to the sun the more the sun s gravity can pull on the planet. Finally you arrive and get your first. In other words a year on saturn lasts about as long as 29 5 years here on earth.

The stronger the pull of the sun s gravity the faster the planet orbits. So with today s spacecraft technology you ll need about eight years to make the trip. However saturn also takes just over 10 and a half hours 10 hours 33 minutes to rotate once on its axis.

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Saturn s shadow seems to take a bite out of its famous rings in a composite picture made using some of the final images from nasa s cassini spacecraft captured in october 2016. Saturn has the second shortest day in the solar system. You have to resort to some cool sorcery.

One day on saturn takes only 10 7 hours the time it takes for saturn to rotate or spin around once and saturn makes a complete orbit around the sun a year in saturnian time in about 29 4 earth years 10 756 earth days. In the past spacecraft have taken greatly different amounts of time to make it to saturn. Pioneer 11 took six and a half years to arrive.

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