How To Get A Lot Of Money On Wizard101

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Home pc wizard101. U start by going to a hard boss 400 hp then kill it at least 5 10 times go to bazar and sell all the stuff you got at that boss.

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This is done so we can obtain an average idea of free to play areas compared to exclusive ones.

How to get a lot of money on wizard101. 76 69 how to get a lot of money. Make sure that you complete everything in cyclops lane firecat alley colossus boulevard and the sunken city. Finishing these quests will also provide you a lot of good starting equipment and a fair amount of money.

I hope this helped if you have trouble getting gold. Make sure to leave a like and comment if you enjoyed. To get more money just fight a lot of bosses then in all those fights the bosses drop things right so all of those things if you don t not need them then go to what ever shop you want exept for the paint shop and sell those not needed things and you have a lot of money hope i helped from.

Earn money fast on wizard101 by selling the stuff that are dropped by monsters that you dont want. Remember to sell the seeds and the housing items that you get because they sell for good money. 8 comments bookmark.

Add that to the existing first story arc cost of 48 765 crowns and you will get 52 515. These areas in wizard city are only available by purchasing a membership or paying with crowns. Wizmemes leave a like d thanks for watching.

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I m sure this video has already been done but i wanted to make this for anyone who doesn t already know. At introduction wizard101 had 3 750 crowns worth of free to play areas and 48 765 crowns worth of exclusive areas. Well just repeat evrything in the video to get lots of money u can do this as many times as you want music is man in the mirror by michael jackson game wizard101.

How to get a lot of money cheats for wizard101. It is a simple trick that has saved me lots of time.

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