How To Get Simcity 4 To Work On Windows 7

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Once the installer for simcity 4 is finished it will try to run the game. Run the game from your shortcut.

St Louis In Simcity 4 Urbanstl

C program files simcity 4 deluxe apps simcity 4 exe w.

How to get simcity 4 to work on windows 7. Run in administrator mode. This forum is for simcity 2013 not simcity 4. Try running in compatibility mode.

Make sure your antivirus or firewall are not blocking the program by adding the exe to the exception list. If you ve followed the above steps and are still having issues getting sim city 4 windowed mode to work please post in the comments below. Now copy and paste one of the following additional commands.

The picture below shows the window that will appear click on the box labelled target and press the end key on your keyboard or use the cursor keys to scroll to the very end of the line. The properties window for simcity 4 will then appear click on the shortcut tab. I have sim city 4 deluxe for some reason it is the uk edition even though i live and bought it in north america and it was working fine for a few months but recently after updating windows it stopped working.

Right click the icon and disable origin in game. A couple of basic things to try. I have been reading online and tried a few different things i know someone else here had the same issue as shown in this post.

If you post your question in the other simcity games forum you may get some better answers. Or it may appear to hang. In any case if it doesn t resolve itself after 2 minutes go to the machine dropdown for the vm window and choose reset which will reset the machine as if you pushed the reset button on a case.

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It will appear to crash that s fine.

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