How To Get Rid Of Mites On Pet Rats

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Wearing gloves spray the dead animal its nest and the surrounding area with a disinfectant or mixture of bleach and water and let it soak states environment health and safety online. Treat the mouse with a product recommended by your veterinarian.

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First of all the things you need to do in order to eliminate rat mites is to remove the source.

How to get rid of mites on pet rats. Wash the rats carefully and dry it with a soft towel. Look for nests in basements attics ceilings and walls. The medications used for mite infestations may be applied on the skin given orally or injected by the veterinarian.

Try using vegetable oil or other rat safe oils. Proper care balanced nutrition and protecting your rats from stressful situations can also help toward preventing mite infestation in your pet rats. Do this 24 hours after the treatment is administered.

After five minutes gently wash the rat with non concentrated dawn dish detergent twice. The treatment will kill all the mites on the rats but will not kill mites or unhatched mite eggs in the rat s environment. Maintain a clean living environment for your rats by routinely cleaning and disinfecting all of the cages where the rats are housed.

They are usually applied twice two weeks apart to kill all adult mites. Soak a cloth in ammonia and place it in a can soak cotton balls and place them in key areas where you ve seen rats ammonia actually mimics the smell of other animal urine. In addition to treating the rats you will need to thoroughly scrub the cage 1 part bleach to 10 parts water is recommended throw out all litter wash any cloth material in the cage and throw out any wooden toys that are not sealed.

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Foxes and cats both known to keep rats away have a similar smelling urine to ammonia. Get rid of anything wooden. Once this is done remove any remaining rat nests from the home also because these are among the areas rat mites gather together.

Find the mice rats and their nests and remove them from your home. Treating a mite infestation requires you to apply a medication. Clean anything that can harbor the mites.

This will get rid of excess oil dead bugs dirt and parasite droppings. Have a bath your rat softly bathe the rat in the bathtub using a flea shampoo designed for puppies or kittens. Kill the rats with poison or catch them and then remove them from the home either dead or alive.

Firstly you can coat the animal in oil to suffocate the living mites and lice.

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