How Do I Get My Husband To Stop Smoking

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Help find an aid. So if you re going to smoke i m going to ask you to do it outside.

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How to stop your boyfriend from smoking method 1 of 4.

How do i get my husband to stop smoking. How to stop your husband from smoking. When you smoke in the house i can t get the smell out. Help your partner quit smoking express your concerns without lecturing.

Understand what smoking does for them. Put loving pressure on your husband and then slowly increase it and make it sterner as my wife did with me. What works best is to come from a place of love so that you can talk with your partner about their smoking.

If you are able to discuss their habit in a non threatening and loving way you may find out that your spouse really wants to quit but is afraid or doesn t know how. It s okay to say to him. 1 stinky curtains 2 it s outdated and antediluvian.

Just keep turning up the heat slowly so he. Tell them about people who care for them. Providing the right kind of support.

I have to wash everything down and the smell still lingers. Say no smoking in the house. I don t like that.

Talk to the person about these people daily. Many smokers already know the risks that this habit entails. Get your spouse s help in creating a smoke free zone around you.

It s the frog in hot water approach. For example kids parents partner and friends are some of the most important individuals of one s life. This keeps you from seeing or smelling cigarettes and smoke.

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Your boyfriend knows that smoking is bad for. Having a tentative quit by date can. Remind them how much you love them and encourage them to stop smoking.

I won t live in a house with smoking inside. Then make a chart listing the time when he gets the urge to smoke. Using an aid to help quit smoking is among the most common methods of quitting.

Drawing boundaries when your husband smokes and won t quit 1. 1 and 2 for your husband to stop smoking indoors. Remind them of their loved ones.

Here s how to navigate quitting when your spouse isn t. Please smoke outside not in the house or car please do not smoke in my presence please do not offer me any cigarettes explain that you want to improve your own health and feel better. Focusing on the long term.

Make a plan but be prepared to alter it. So there are reasons no. And you want a hip modern up to date husband i assume.

Convince your husband that you are in this together and will stand by him to overcome all the hurdles that will come in the way of kicking the butt.

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