How To Get Rid Of Stray Cats Around House

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Use pepper spray or extracted oil from hottest peppers and spices to get rid of a stray cat. Avoid leaving garbage bags with open access and keep them in a closed container.

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Here are some suggestions for you to try to get rid of feral cats.

How to get rid of stray cats around house. Put it around your home. Your porch may serve as a perfect hiding place for stray cats. You can get rid of them while helping them at the same time such as by finding a new home for them.

Use solid material or fine mesh to close every potential path in. Acquire a cat trap either a plastic or metal trap with a door. Do not leave dishes of food or water out for them because they will soon learn that your house gives them food every day.

Place bait such as sardines tuna or cat food and put the trap on a passage way that cats frequently use in your neighborhood. Do not feed feral cats. Another easy way that you can get rid of cats is by applying the urine of coyotes or foxes around your property to keep feral and stray cats away.

Stray cats are cats that were once under human care but for one reason or another found themselves away from home. The feral cats will be able to detect these plants scent from a long distance and they will not dare to come near. This spray has ingredients that repel cats and is easy to make with just a few supplies.

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If you have exhausted all methods of getting rid of feral cats you can take the matter into your hands by utilizing these home remedies. 7 scent of vinegar. When cats come in contact with this formula it will irritate their sensitive noses and drive them away.

They will then start coming to your house every day and bringing all their feral friends. Creating complete and steadfast barriers is a convenient and effective way to keep feral cats from living underneath your house or porch. Home remedies to get rid of feral cats.

Contacting the local humane society or animal control. Once caught do not let it out as feral cats are known to bite or scratch when scared. Mice rats and other vermin are temptations for cats so by getting rid of them you can help stop cats wanting to enter.

After catching them have the cats spayed or neutered. Another way to get rid of stray cats is by closing all openings they can use to gain access. Acquainting yourself with information on how to get rid of stray cats may sound inhumane but it doesn t have to be.

Always check the area before sealing the entrances to make sure no cats are left inside. If you like to feed birds keep the feeders up in high places away from the ground. Unfortunately if you live in a coastal area this might not be the best method to use since you will have to reapply the urine frequently for it to be effective.

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Keep stray cats away from your house with repellent one of the easiest ways to turn your property into a feline free space is to make a homemade cat repellent spray to keep cats away. Place dishes of ammonia in your garden. By sealing all such openings you will have succeeded in making your home or property less attractive to them.

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