How To Get The Most Stardust In Pokemon Go

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So feed a berry to 10 pokémon or feed 10 berries to a single pokémon and you get 200 stardust but it costs you 10 razz pinap or nanab berries. Some pokémon trainers advised the players to get as much as base level pokémon because they have usually an easy catch rate.

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For example gastly has a 40 catch rate.

How to get the most stardust in pokemon go. In a similar vein to past bonus stardust pokémon chimecho and audino these pokémon are now a massive boon to find. List of bonus stardust pokémon. It normally ranges around 100 stardust per catch.

Hatch eggs hatching eggs is one of the easiest and fastest ways of gaining stardust in pokemon go. Other ways to get more stardust in pokémon go the next best alternative for getting more stardust is through hatching pokémon eggs. You ll get a range of stardust rewards for egg hatching.

Stardust events do of course happen during other events that can last several days at a time. Pokemon go stardust with the xp rework that landed on the 30th of november several pokémon were changed to reward copious amounts of stardust upon capture. Pokémon go continues to entertain thousands of players across the world with more generations of pokémon a continuing free to play availability and events or new features frequently added.

Stardust in pokémon go. You get stardust for every berry you feed to your own pokémon or any pokémon on a gym controlled by your team up to a maximum of 10 berries to 10 pokémon every half hour. Veteran and new fans alike are enjoying reaching the top level 40 collecting pokémon and trading and battling in the real world from their devices.

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Make the most of stardust events if that community day was one that incorporated triple stardust for all catches that would mean gains of at least 135 000 stardust would be possible in three hours if a star piece was used. Allowing you to get thousands at a time. You can walk to hatch multiple eggs at once as long as you have the incubators for it.

The amount of stardust varies depending upon the level and max cp.

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