How To Get Keys In Tf2 Without Buying Them

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You may think it is possible because tf2 is free to play. If i were you buy a key with money and sell those keys to buy a hat and weapons.

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Free to play simply means that you do not have to pay real money in order to have the right to play this game.

How to get keys in tf2 without buying them. Look there is no way of getting keys for free. You can trade scrap for keys i think its like 16 ref for 1 normal key you can trade steam trading cards for them its at about 40 cards for 1 normal key or trade games. Then trade refined for hats and stuff you want.

All discussions screenshots artwork broadcasts videos workshop news guides reviews. How can i get keys i have several cosmic chests that need opening. Buying tf2 keys using real money.

Can you get mann co keys without buying them. Is there any way to bypass this feature any way to obtain keys with steam wallet funds without having to wait a week to use them. Thx.

I obtained 6 through trading and would like to just buy the 7th alrieady but i ll have to wait a week anyways because of the stupid new restriction on items bought on the community market. I have a few friends that sell item drops on the market then buy keys but that isn t worth it an. My question to you guys is if there is another way to get mannco keys except of buying them in the store or on the steam market.

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I ll start off the list with links to places you can buy team fortress 2 keys using real money later on in the guide i list sources where you trade metal for keys tf2 key shops. Here s a list of different shops where you can buy tf2 keys for real money usually with paypal bitcoin or similar payment options. Hello guys i never was into trading or crafting in tf2 so i am a complete newbie to this.

The only way to get a key with out spending real money is to trade for them. I ve been saving up to buy an item that costs 7 keys. Just buy keys and sell them for refined.

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