How To Get Big Knots Out Of Cat Fur

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The first attempt to remove the cat fur knot is simply to comb it out. If you want to remove tangles knots or get all those loose hair from your cat then the hertzko mat removes is what you re searching for.

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If you notice a fur knot on your cat it s time to take action.

How to get big knots out of cat fur. Next take the comb and go through the hair again to find out where the large deep knots are. How to get mats out of cat hair. Try to brush out the tangles.

Your cat may not like this and you may need an assistant to hold the cat while you do this. Gently scratching your cat behind his or her ears can help. This will remove any of the small knots.

It lubricates the fur and can make it easier to remove. However combing out this knot will tug at the cat s skin and cause her minor discomfort so you should approach the situation appropriately. For example while matted fur is an unappealing situation for cats it s an attractive place for pests and parasites to hang out.

Grasp the fur closest to the skin and below the tangled area with your free hand in order to limit tugging on the skin. Rub some talc free baby powder gently into the mat. Another excellent natural remedy for tangles in cat fur is coconut oil.

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Being very gentle you will want to cut the knots just above the skin. Offering your cat a treat is another way to calm and pacify your cat. The mat will not untangle itself.

Don t use playtime as a way to relax your cat before removing the matted furs. Brushing his fur gets rid of mats and stimulates his circulation reducing dandruff and making his coat clean and shiny according to the cornell university college of veterinary medicine. Simply take a climb of the coconut oil in your fingers and mead it into the tangle in your cat s fur.

Before moving on to more specialized equipment you can try after using your fingers to brush out mats and knots with a regular cat brush or wide toothed comb. It works similar to the olive oil method by additionally lubricating the mat in your cat s fur making it easy for your cat to work it out itself. If the knot is actually a small tangle this may be all that is necessary to remove it.

Use premoistened pet wipes found in pet supply stores to wipe down the coat leaving behind a pleasant scent and conditioning agents for the fur and skin. Start by brushing through it with the cat brush as much as you can being gentle. Thoroughly rub the powder into the tangle.

It will just get bigger and the potential for more serious problems can increase. Make sure that your cat is calm and relaxed before you start getting the mats out of your cat s fur. After using this for a number of times i can attest that this one s the best in the market especially if what you re after are an easy to use and visually appealing mat remover.

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