How To Get Rid Of A Stalker Ex Girlfriend

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You need to let her know you do not want to hear from her. Document the stalking behavior as thoroughly as possible.

Are You Trying Too Hard To Get Your Ex Back Evan Marc Katz

Oh god i feel your pain my boyfriend s ex lingered around for so long trying to get him back when i was dating him.

How to get rid of a stalker ex girlfriend. Stalking is in the news. If she s a sook tell her you want to be friends in the future but you just need some space right now until you can get in tune with yourself. 1 change your cell number and passwords to anything she might have had or possibly could have.

A texas man charged with stalking taylor swift was arrested. You re wise to take this seriously. An ex cop from ohio was recently sentenced to 33 months in prison for stalking his former girlfriend.

So here are a few suggestions of how to get rid of her. The simplest thing to do since your state isn t mentioned google your state stalking laws and it will tell you exactly your options. It s important to get an official police report which can help if you have to file for a protection order or press legal charges later.

Get a police report as evidence. A stalker can interrupt your day to day activities and potentially harm any hopes of you coping and moving on in the long run. If you are being stalked by your ex contact the police with a full explanation of what is happening.

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Stalkers don t get bored unless a new interest comes into their lives even that doesn t stop all of them.

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