How To Get Imdb Credit For A Short Film

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Made famous for some reason and is widely talked about referenced in media or the film community or is now of general historic interest for some reason. Once you find the credit of your film on imdb go all the way to the bottom of the page click edit page and add yourself to your new title as the writer the producer and actor.

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If the performer or crew member has paid for imdb membership they will usually have added a picture and short biography to their dedicated imdb page.

How to get imdb credit for a short film. There is good and bad news. To qualify the festival must be selective about which films they accept. For made for video titles and video games this means distribution by an established retailer self or online distribution does not qualify by itself.

It is constantly being updated as new movies are released and regularly accepts contributions of new titles from its enormous community of members. For feature films shorts etc this generally means either a theatrical release open to the public a screening at a qualifying selective competitive film festival or a showing on non local tv. Check if you are listed on imdb first.

You can do so via the imdb get satisfaction user community platform. So an imdb credit means an actor or crew member is named on imdb for their work on a listed filmed production. So a festival that accepts all or most films will not be an imdb qualifying festival.

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Usually this means at least a 3 1 ratio of submitted films to accepted films. The internet movie database or imdb is the web s largest and most comprehensive resource for movie information media news and trivia. Have great credits but they re not showing up on your imdb.

You can also get imdb credit by submitting your project for an imdb qualifying festival through withoutabox. When you click on the edit page button at the bottom of the page for the person or film you are trying to update scroll down to the bottom of the submission form and check the miscellaneous comment or miscellaneous correction options. Will i find all productions listed on imdb.

It can be a painstaking process. You can get the credit on imdb yourself. Accepted and shown at film festivals.

To remove or change someones credit you have to supply imdb with a very precise reason for why you are changing or removing the credit so please bear this in mind and be prepared with a solid explanation since they do check this and if you don t have a strong enough argument the credit will stay the same. Made by a now famous artist or person of public interest. If your title adheres to these guidelines use the new title form to get started.

There are a couple ways to get on imdb you can either be added on there when a project youre involved with gets submitted to festivals etc via withoutabox withoutabox and imdb are both owned by amazon or you can edit the credits of a film that you authored represent on there.

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