How Rare Is It To Get The Heirloom In Apex

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Each pack guarantees you only one cosmetic from the event however you will never receive a duplicate. Each apex pack has a less than 1 chance of dropping 150 heirloom shards which can then be used in the heirloom store to buy an heirloom set of choice.

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Unfortunately there are still only two ways to earn heirlooms in apex legends.

How rare is it to get the heirloom in apex. Me on the other hand i m 500 level spent tons of money and still nothing. Statistically you re only likely to gain heirloom shards once for every 500 apex packs you open. Those are just the base odds.

If the odds of getting the heirloom from a random pack are less than one in 500 then the mechanism by which you re most likely to get the heirloom items is the 500 box pity timer. The first is during this lost treasures event you purchase every cosmetic item in the event tab via the lost treasures event packs. I know people that got it pretty early.

Apex legends heirlooms are not the usual item that can be found in a battle royale map. How to get heirloom shards faster apex legendsalarmix here in this apex legends video i am going to be showing you how the new heirloom shard system work. If a player opens 499 packs without getting any shards 150 is guaranteed on the 500th pack.

The odds of pulling heirloom shards from an apex pack are 1 in 500. This doesn t necessarily mean that you will get it on your 500th pack. Before the system override event kicked off in apex legends the only way you could get a character s heirloom set that had already been and gone from a limited time event was to open 500 apex.

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That s correct unfortunately according to the official apex legends faq there s a less than 1 chance of getting an heirloom set. Thus it is now obvious that this will not make the player win the battle royale round if they find it. The chance of getting an heirloom is 1 which roughly translates to 1 out of 500 apex packs.

Every cloud has a silver lining though. Heirlooms are an ultra rare set of cosmetic items in apex legends. It is a very rare item and it helps by giving a new look to specific characters.

But certainly happens to be one of the rarest items of apex legends.

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