How To Get Rid Of Pigeons On My Porch

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Move the plastic hawk periodically so the birds do. Get a free quote from top pest control companies in your area.

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Poke a hole in your foil or disposable pie plates and feed a string through it to make a loop.

How to get rid of pigeons on my porch. Mount a plastic hawk on or near your porch. The sight of a predator can scare the birds from the area and keep them from inhabiting your porch. Remove any attractive food water sources obviously if you have a bird feeder or birdbath now is the time to get rid of it.

You can then use duct tape to attach it to the railing at 2 3 inch intervals. Approved by the humane society these spikes are not supposed to injure the birds in any way but send them to another area other than your roof. Bird spikes are a humane method that is 100 effective.

How to block pigeons with bird spikes if you have any kind of ledge on or near your roof whether angled or curved the bird spikes linked above are a perfect solution. Hang foil or pie plates around your porch to reflect light. Pepper is a natural deterrent for pigeons because they can t stand the smell.

To take advantage of this and keep your deck a bird free zone attach reflective flash tape to strings and secure it around your porch. Although other more pleasant birds can use them pigeons do have a tendency to be bullies. If you wait until they set up house it will be too late.

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Organic spices are a great way to get rid of the pigeon menace naturally. You can also secure small mirrors to popular nesting areas which will trick the birds into thinking the space is already claimed. Spray it like an air fresher and you have guaranteed ways to get rid of birds on the porch.

Reflective light creates a visual deterrent for birds since the sun bothers their eyes. If they decide they like the food or water source they ll monopolize it. You can use a slinky or insulation wire on the railing to help keep pigeons from perching there.

Sprinkle pepper powder generously in the areas frequented by pigeons. It will also help in fighting off the smell of bird droppings left on your porch after cleaning. Pigeons won t appreciate the force or concentration of the water being targeted at them.

Spray the birds when they first arrive. You can also place slices of lemon on your porch to make the smell stronger. Just squeeze a lemon and add a little water.

Hang the reflectors on your porch around posts or nails so birds avoid flying or roosting in the area. No bird from crows to pigeons can physically sit or nest on top of the spiny steel spikes. Simply spread the wire so each loop is about 1 5 inches apart.

Spray pigeons with water from a garden hose. Repeat it twice a day for a month till they find another place to nest. Spikes are a form of bird repellant that keeps birds from landing on your rooftop porch or balcony.

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