How To Get Rid Of Masonry Bees In Chimney

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Here we ll cover some common methods you can do at home. Get an inflatable chimney plug from a construction supply store.

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Bees in chimney must be removed.

How to get rid of masonry bees in chimney. Seal up all cracks and crevices with caulk. Many pest control companies will tell you it s not necessary to remove the beehive after removing the bees. It is important that you have removed from your chimney because leaving them will result in a larger problem later.

Then slide it up the pit until it s at least 1 ft 30 cm above the base of the chimney. A fire would cause the honey and wax to liquify. If you discover masonry bees in your home or property get rid of them before they cause any damage.

This can be done with an inflatable chimney block or by simply using a large plastic trash bag and some duct tape to seal the chimney off. You can get rid of the bees with professional help. They are not social bees and do not live in colonies.

Cleaning such a mess is virtually impossible and it also serves to attract future bees. One of the first things you should do if you find bees in your chimney is to seal off your fireplace to prevent them from entering your home. Put this wire cone over the entrance that you have left for the bees to go in and out of the chimney.

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Some homeowners have attempted to get rid of bees by building a fire in the fireplace. This is very difficult to clean and will require. This will ensure the larvae die as well as keep other bees from using this hole for future nesting.

How to get rid of bees in your chimney once you are sure you have honey bees in your chimney the first thing you should do is block the base of your chimney so that they cannot enter your home. Plug your chimney if it s open to keep the insects from coming inside. Make sure that the hole at the top of the cone is the only way that the bees have of coming and going from your chimney.

Although most bee removal must be done by a professional there are some diy home remedies you can try before you spend the money to hire one. This will discourage bees but it will also create long term problems if there is already a hive in the chimney. How to get rid of bees in the chimney.

Place a box hive next to the wire cone escape route. How to stop bees or wasps from coming in the chimney the obvious entrance is the chimney cap and often the solution is as simple as a chimney cap repair or replacement. Make a cone out of aluminium fly screen wire.

You can do this by taping over a heavy duty garbage bag over the opening. They are often confused with the mason bee however the mason bee uses existing holes to rear its larvae while the masonry bee digs its own. Kill any remaining masonry bees you see with household insecticide.

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Inflate the plug halfway by blowing into the tube. Masonry bees are generally smaller than honey bees and are encountered in spring and summer. To keep bees or wasps from coming into the fireplace through the chimney we recommend a complete chimney service.

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