How To Get A Good Scent Throw Soy Candles

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For the strongest possible scent throw we choose cotton wick the eco range is very good and works nicely with soy waxes. On the molecular level of how soy wax is structured there are many different types of chemical bonds.

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How to get a good scent throw soy candles. Your candle won t burn for as long however. Proper wick selection size having the right wick size to achieve the proper burn pool can help with the scent throw. The candle size should mimic the size of the room.

The larger the wax pool the more scent throw you re going to get with your candle. I heat wax to 172 degrees remove it from heat pour fo right away and stir for about 5 seconds and pour in jar. As popular as soy wax candles are these days they are not very good at putting out scent throw.

There are actually several different things that can inhibit your scent throw. Medium candles 7 10 oz with one wick are appropriate for a medium sized room such as a bedroom. Soy wax if you have been in the candle making market long enough you already know that soy wax is considered to be one of the hardest of the waxes to attain a good scent throw from.

We use gb 464 for our soy candles which has a maximum fragrance load of 10 per pound of wax although we have found it best not to overload the wax with the highest amount though. For a stronger scent throw you should tend to slightly over wick get one a size up see the wick size guide because the larger the melt pool the better the throw. Large candles with two or three wicks produce larger wax pools which create the scent throw.

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I tested two different candles that were made the same way. Larger candles are capable of producing larger wax pools so they tend to be best. Using the proper of fragrance in your soy wax.

A third thing to consider is how large of a wax pool can the candle generate. If you want to have the best shot at obtaining optimal fragrance throw start with high quality fragrance oils that are phthlate free and designed for use in soy candles. Too large of a wick may burn too hot and actually burn off the fragrance which also can lead to poor scent throw.

Make sure the candle size and type is appropriate for the room. A melt pool of one quarter inch works fine in most cases and will throw the fragrance as the candle is burning making the melt pool and creating a slight heat updraft from the candle that takes the fragrance with it to fill your home. Too small of a wick will create a small burn pool which will lead to poor scent throw.

It s universally recognized that the typical paraffin wax which most candles today are made from gives off the best throw of any of the wax varieties. Test 1 i burned the jar after 24 hours cold throw was really good but hot throw was not could barely smell anything. It s very important to pay attention to the recommended fragrance load for each wax type fragrance load simply means how much fragrance you can load into the wax.

The amount of fragrance that your wax can hold depends on the type of wax you use.

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