How To Get Rid Of White Mold On Mulch

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Fill a spray bottle with vinegar and then spray the mold with the vinegar. Dump the mold and mulch in your compost bin or close the bag and place it in the trash.

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But if it really irks you scooping it up with a shovel and throwing it away will get rid of it.

How to get rid of white mold on mulch. The acidity of the vinegar should weaken and eventually kill the mold. One simple way to kill mold is to use vinegar. It ll only be visible to you for a few weeks tops.

All that s to say you don t need to remove the mold. Beneath the mold can be spores that will spread. The mold feeds on bacteria and other debris in the garden for a short time and then dissolves into the soil.

If you do want to remove it just take a shovel to the moldy areas and throw it away. Vinegar in a spray bottle can help you to deal with mold or other fungi on your mulch. Due to the fact that slime mold and other mulch mold development processes are non intrusive and natural processes there is no specific treatment.

Push the sides of the bag beneath the mold collecting the mulch along with the mold. Because areas of mold are usually small you can cover and scoop the mold with a plastic bag such as a garbage bag.

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