How To Get Rid Of The Odor After Your Period

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Get acquainted with your natural smell. During the postpartum period your vaginal scent will shift due to a number of factors like bleeding moisture and changes to your ph balance.

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Instead of using perfume to mask the.

How to get rid of the odor after your period. Therefore a bad smell after period may be caused by a vaginal infection or disease and most common symptoms of these infections besides the bad odor are abundant discharges in larger amounts than usually itching in the genital area or even pain. 4 baby wipes to the rescue. A foul odor after period can sometimes be a normal thing.

Take a hot salt and vinegar bath. While menstruating your sweat glands can go into overdrive which increased your general funkiness in addition to the smell of blood you will be producing. It is a very annoying ailment that causes much embarrassment and discomfort during times of intimacy if you are affected by vaginal odor after period then you have come to the right place.

Tea tree oil can also be used in conjunction with coconut oil for smelly vaginal discharge. You will experience a change in your vaginal odor. Continue using until you no longer have fishy odor discharge.

The cleanup process involves the secretion of a bloody discharge called lochia. Wipe your body thoroughly with a sanitary wipe giving more attention to your private parts. If infection is present your doctor can help you clear up the infection and the odor.

Period blood has a high ph which can tip the balance and allow bad bacteria to move in pushing out the kind you want streicher says. Neem or azadirachta indica is one of the best home remedies to get rid of any odor including vaginal odor. So what s a girl to do.

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It s not normal to have strong menstrual period odor but it s also not normal to have zero odor. If you re worried about your smell see your doctor. This help to get rid of bacteria lubrication and spermicide.

Immediately after giving birth your uterus is going through a process of cleaning itself out. Another way to prevent odors is to wash your vagina before and after sexual intercourse. When blood comes in contact with air it takes on its own scent.

Rinse your vagina daily with the tea tree oil remedy to help get rid of the fishy smell. Wash your vulva with plain water or unscented cleansers and resist the urge to put scented products inside your vagina. Vaginal odor especially an offensive smell after menstruation is a problem that most women have to deal with.

One natural remedy is adding half a cup of white vinegar and half a cup of salt in a warm bath. Regular bathing should be part of your routine anyway but it s especially important during your menstrual period. You can then soak in the salt and vinegar bath to help eliminate the odor and restore the ph of your vaginal area.

To stay fresh hit the bath or shower every day.

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