In most cases, renting a car from an airport is cheaper. City center locations are more expensive because of the proximity and the popularity and if you are flying into a city, picking up a car at the airport can be cheaper and more convenient. Its important that you book well in advance though because just turning up at the airport to collect a car can be as expensive if not more expensive than city center locations. Its also good practice to pick up the phone and talk to 3 different operators at the same airport to see if you can get a better deal.

If you want to hire a luxurious car such as Limousine, Mercedes or Audi, the fuel consumption of those cars is not cheap. Why don’t you hire an economical car that is also nice appearance such as Chyrsler 300, Chevrolet Volt, Toyota Prius Plug and Lexus CT 200h are good selections.
Besides using an economy car like Chevrolet Aveo or Chevrolet Cobalt, electric car is also a fantastic choice for normal tours with your family and friends. One of favorite electric cars is Nissan Leaf 80kW/Li-ion/Electric which is suitable with small family journey uses 15kW-h of electricity per 100km. Hence, you do not have to pay any gas fee.

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You must be familiar that the charges may go higher with additional taxes, insurance, drop off charges, and filling the tank etc. You may be competent to locate a cheaper price by means of a confined company; however usually there is not much of a difference in the rentals. In the similar destination the rent of the car may vary depending on the choice of the car and the city that you are in. Rental cars classically comprise of the base models; so better not expect the top of the line rental cars.

What you require pay for that. Do not give for a DVD player or GPS navigational system if not it’s a GUI in dash thing that you may utilize and the same situation goes for your satellite radio. Do not pay for car insurance and do not agree to the alternative of returning the car unfilled. Scrutinize the car sooner than you heave out of the agency parking lot. You consider it being dangerous, if there are scratches, dents, broken lights or anything else. Usually the rental companies tend to propel people to become members of the agency for enjoying several benefits.